Boneless Pork Shoulder


One of our favourite joints of our Pork to cook, our boneless pork shoulder is packed full of sweet melting flavour, with a generous amount of fat that renders beautifully when cooked long and slow.

The perfect cut for creating 'pulled pork', we recommend choosing a larger size piece as leftovers dolloped with sharp apple sauce create the most delicious treat after the main event.

Cooking Instructions
Season the pork with sea salt and pepper, do not use any oil as you want to keep the skin dry. Place in a roasting or casserole dish.

Set your oven to its hottest temperature and cook the pork shoulder for 15 minutes, until the skin has puffed up into the most beautiful crunchy crackling.

Remove the shoulder from the oven and turn the temperature down to 150C.

To the roasting dish add a pouch or two of our pure broth and a glass (or two) of wine.

Pop the shoulder back into the oven and cook for four hours, until the meat has fallen apart.

*Please note: These products are hand cut and weights are approximate