Pukka Womankind Organic Cranberry, Rose & Vanilla Tea Bags x20 30g


Organic Womankind 20 Herbal Tea Sachets


A delicate dance of organic cranberry, rose & sweet vanilla

Good news for soothing balance


Balance is a gift for mind and body
She is one of India's most regal roots so let shatavari weave you her hammock of respite. Chamomile to caress and sweet licorice and vanilla to soothe your every sense. Then cranberry, orange, marigold and rose brings all your colour back to life. A cup of perfect balance to restore body and soul.
Sebastian Pole
Master Herbsmith

Naturally made, with care
This lovely design is printed with vegetable ink on card from renewable sources and is recyclable; the string on each bag is organic; and because we don't staple our bags, they're wildlife friendly to compost. Add to that 100% non-GM ingredients, and you have incredible tasting tea that's good for you, as well as the planet

1% for the planet

Herb magic
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 EU Organic

Fair for Life

FSC - Mix

Soil Association Organic (GB Organic Certification 5)