Shreddies Frosted 500g

Sugar Frosted Fortified Whole Wheat Malted Cereal
Whole grain no.1 ingredient. A Source of Protein. Suitable for vegans.You want whole grains? We got fibre, iron and B vits too Because this breakfast cereal... Is a great one!? ?Iron contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Contains Whole Grain as our main ingredient and no artificial colours or flavours What is Whole Grain? Whole Grain is the complete grain. Unlike refined grain none of these 3 parts have been taken away. Core (only found in whole grain) Fibre rich bran layer Starchy centre Good to Know To produce 100g of this product we have used 82g of Whole Grain. On Your Side! Never Soggy 4 hefty layers of wheat to fight off milk. Not Flakey Tough squares of fibre, iron and B vitamins. Substance Over Style The strength of a diamond in a square.